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All teams must follow the N.E.S.L laws

The New England Soccer League (“NESL”) organizes, facilitates, administers, and governs an amateur (semi-pro) adult soccer organization. And soccer school academy

State Cup 2021 Competition: Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations for (STATE CUP) AND (NEW ENGLAND CUP) 

All N.E.S.L games will be on Sunday

State Cup Championships BEGIN JUNE 6 TO JULY 25


  • (A) THIRD PLACE WILL BE DEFINED BY the  two losing teams FINAL  JULY 25

    (D)  (after signing the contract the registration money will not return )

  • 9. each team will want to have their own field the field will have to be approved by N.E.S.L
  • 10. each team may charge for people watching the game (the management team that decides)
    (A) presidents of each team please read the rules very carefully before signing the contract}
    (B) all teams will have to be prepared to play in another state

  • 11. each team will have to follow the N.E.S.L rules

No officer or director shall receive compensation of any type beyond reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred by them on behalf of the NESL.


NESL will be governed by a President (chairman of the board of directors), vice president/ secretary/ treasurer/director of Register

The president appoints all board members. The President will decide the person/s who have the best capacity for each position.

1- President:  The President shall preside at all meetings of said league unless unavailable due to sickness or infirmity.  He shall also serve as parliamentarian at these meetings, or may relinquish this duty to an officer of her choice.  The President shall also be responsible for all league equipment and coordinating fundraising efforts

2- Vice President:  The Vice President shall succeed to the powers of the President in the latter’s absence. He shall have full voting powers and is expected to assist the President however, whenever and wherever needed. She shall also be responsible for all rule interpretations as well as the enforcement thereof through the scheduling of competent and registered officials. She shall also be responsible for developing the season playing schedule, and the hiring of the Certified Referee Assignor

3- Secretary: As a full voting member, the Secretary shall be responsible for the recording and distributing of all meeting minutes. He shall be responsible for any and all mailings associated with the league. He will also record the points, cards and standings during the playing season and distribute this information to the appropriate personnel -The secretary  shall be responsible for recruiting new members and maintaining a player pool.  shall also responsible for updating and maintaining the website.

4- Treasurer:  As a full voting member, the Treasurer shall be responsible for any and all monies of the league, keeping an accurate record of all transactions and disbursements. The Treasure shall also be responsible for updating and maintaining the league’s non-profit status, financial and applicable paperwork

5- Director of Register:  As a full voting member, the Registrar shall be responsible for coordinating and carrying out registration of new and existing players.


Each team will have one (1) vote. A Quorum must be maintained for all votes. A quorum is a simple majority of all teams in the NESL.

Executive board does not vote in meetings. (The President or vice president  shall hold an ex-officio position, only exercising the right to vote in tie-breaking situations.)

 Annual General Meeting

AGM will be held at the end of the New England Cup, typically in October.

Awards will be presented at this meeting.

Any outstanding problem that a statute could not resolve will be discussed.


Special Meetings may be called by a majority of the Executive Board, or by a majority of the constituency. The order of business shall be as follows:

  1. Roll call of members
  2. Declaration of need for meeting
  3. Discussion
  4. Adjournment

Team Coordinator

Each team must designate a Team Coordinator

The Team Coordinator will represent that team at all League business

meetings and is the only member who may request any appeals or address League

Officials on behalf of team members. All team members must address any League or

Referee issues through the Team Coordinator only. Before, during or after the match only

Team Coordinator or the Team Captain may approach the Referee regarding any game

issue (i.e.passcards, rosters, fouls called, etc.). Referee Coordinator: Will act as the liaison between referees and the league, will

schedule qualified, certified referees for each scheduled match and shall be a member of

the Competition Committee. N.E.S.L

((((a team cannot be represented by a player at meetings))))


there will be SIXteams in each table


Each of the SIX  NESL clubs will play  5 games 3 home and 2 away or 2 home and 3 away


Point standings will be based on:

WIN = 3 points

TIE = 1 point

LOSS = 0 points

Teams will receive three points for win, one point for tie and zero points for loss

NESL is divided into divisions based on point standings within the NESL. A division director coordinates each division.

Any team entering the League will be placed in the lowest division.

Totals for the regular season games will determine the standings. In the event of a tie, the following will be used to determine the rank:


  1. head to head competition between the tied teams
  2. goal differential for the tied teams in league play
  3. goal differential for the tied teams in head to head play
  4. goals scored during league play
  5. each team will take five (5) penalty shots. If the score is still tied, teams will take alternate sudden death penalty shots (only in the final game)
    6. all players must stay in the middle of the field to wait for the referee  call for the penalty kick
  1. Rules for New EnglandCup games will be the same as regular NESL matches except in cases of a tie. In this case, two (2) fifteen-minute overtime periods will be played with the FIFA Golden Goal rule in effect.

If no goal is scored during overtime, each team will take five (5) penalty shots. If the score is still tied,

teams will take alternate sudden death penalty shots until a winner is determined. Loss of a game results in elimination from the Cup competition.


Teams applying for admittance will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and rejected/recommended to the constituency.

Unless opposed, admission will be granted based on available openings and agreement by the team to abide by NESL By-Laws.

New teams requesting admittance to the League must pay a $200.00 u.s dollarsnon-refundable bond at the time of application.

If the team is refused membership, the fee shall be refunded in full.

Each team must designate a team owner and a team manager. The team owner has financial responsibility and can keep the team name and current standing of the team, or do as he/she wishes with the name, as long as the team is in good financial standing with the League.


A player who transfers between teams cannot be transferred again to any team until two games have been played by the new teams.

 Additions to the Roster

Additions to a team’s NESL Roster will be handled through the website. To add a player, the team manager must enter the player’s information via the appropriate section of the website and provide a valid MASS Soccer registration number for the player or the president of the team will have to contact the new england soccer league and set up  the day for  register a new player

 A player is not authorized to play until confirmed by the NESL. Once confirmed, the player’s name will appear on the team’s official NESL Game Roster

 Any team resigning from the League prior to the end of the season shall forfeit all games, points, and fees.

Points for a team completing the first half of the season prior to resigning will be maintained in the standings.

.N.E.S.L FEES- in the future League administration costs will be set and confirmed by the constituency at the Annual Meeting.

Appropriate team registration fees will be confirmed and paid by a deadline to be set by the Treasurer.

The deadline will be at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of each half season. Teams failing to pay full fees and all accumulated fines, including failure to report score fines, will forfeit all games until the fees and fines are paid in full.

This provision does not supersede Rule regarding the referee forfeiture bond, that requires any use of this bond to be repaid within two weeks of the forfeited game, where failure to comply will result in forfeiting of all games until the bond is replenished.


Cost of affiliation in N.E.S.L will be $200.00

Championship  Fee

the state cup championship fee $(3.000,00)

deposit  of $350,00 for cards


The referee fee is $160,00   80 Dollars for each team  per game

Cards fee

 Yellow card   $ 15,00

 Red card      $ 25,00

each team has to leave a deposit  $ 350 dollares

after the championship ends the rest will be returned


It is the responsibility of the home team manager to confirm (by phone or email) the time and location of the game with the opposing manager at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the game.


Each team is required to secure a permit for a home field on which to play all their scheduled home games.

Teams may play on any FIFA approved surface. The field shall be a minimum of 100 yards in length with a width of not less than 60 yards.

Minimum acceptable field markings will be side and goal lines, mid-field line, and penalty areas.

Minimum field equipment will be goals and goal nets. The home team must provide four (4) game balls of NFHS standard or higher


All managers should determine the safety of the field before the game and should take into consideration the following factors: crowd control, Police presence or Security , if necessary, and condition of the field playing surface.

Any manager who has a concern about the personal safety of his or her team has the right to request of the opposing team’s manager to re-schedule the game at another time and/or field. If at any time during the game, an unsafe situation arises, a manager may request of the referee (whose decision is binding) and opposing manager to halt the game and finish play at another agreed upon time.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the home team manager to ensure the safety of the field/playing surface.

Field Location

To maintain the geographic integrity of the league, no NESL team may schedule a home game at a field located greaterthan 150 minutes driving distance (as determined by Google Maps under ideal traffic conditions.


Uniforms shall consist of uniform shirts of matching color with unique permanent numbers on the back. Shorts and socks, while not required to match exactly, should not create confusion as to which team the player is on.

Teams should make an effort to coordinate shirt color in advance of the match. In the event of opposing teams having the same color shirt, it is the responsibility of the visiting team to change shirts.

Players shall be allowed to wear spandex or other non-dangerous supporting material during NESL games.

 All players are required to wear shin guards and appropriate footwear

Alternate Shirt

Each team is required to own two (2) complete sets of distinctly colored uniform shirts.

This will enable them to change shirts if their primary color conflicts with that of the home team.

If the visiting team’s shirt color conflicts with the primary color of the home team, the visiting team does not have an alternate set of shirts to change into, and no arrangement was made beforehand with the home team, then forfeit rules of NESL  will apply


FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES PRIOR to kickoff, each manager will provide the referee and opposing team with an official printed NESL Game Roster for their respective teams.

Game Rosters are printed from the NESL website and list the first name, last name, shirt number, date of birth, and MASS Soccer registration number of every player authorized by the League to play for that team.

The Game Roster must be presented to the referee exactly as supplied by the League and WITHOUT ALTERATION to any of the players’ names.

 However, alternative shirt numbers may be written on the Game Roster if necessary. Prior to the start of the game, each player listed on the Game Roster must also produce a valid MASS Soccer ID card with which the referee can confirm their identity.

Use of Ineligible Players

Any player who does not appear on the official printed Game Roster, or who cannot present aNEW ENGLAND SOCCER LEAGUE ID card prior to entering the game, or who is currently under suspension by the League is considered INELIGIBLE. Any team found using an ineligible player will be penalized with the following guidelines:

  • If player is registered player in the NESL, but is not on the game day roster then the team will forfeit the game.
  • If the player is not registered in the NESL and is not on the game day roster, then the team will forfeit the game and 6 points.

If an unregistered player attempts to use a card that is not their own, then the team will forfeit the game and 6 points, plus the player whose card was used would be suspended for 3 games.

If an already suspended player plays in a game, then the team will forfeit the game and lose 6 points and the suspension of the already suspended player will be lengthened by 5 games.

The team will also be assessed a $500.00DELLARES  fine.

Any situations under the guidelines will be discussed by the Executive Board to determine the best course of action according to bylaw NESL Needs of the League.

Use of an Unofficial Game Roster

Any team which attempts to use a game roster other than the official printed NESL Game Roster as defined in Rule NESL (Game Rosters and Player IDs) will forfeit the game and be fined $500.00. Repeated offenses are subject to an Executive Board hearing which may result in additional fines and/or point deductions as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board, in their sole discretion.

 Coaching Staff Suspension and Restrictions

  1. Any manager, coach, assistant coach, trainer, or other official bench personnel is prohibited from assuming any official duty at or near the team bench while serving a suspension. Any infringement of this rule may result in the forfeiture of the game and will include discipline for each infraction.
  2. Suspended coaching staff members may not communicate with the team. The type of communication prohibited would include but not limited to: cellular, 2- way radios, electronic/digital, written or verbal. Coaching staff members returning to the field of   play during or directly following the match are subject to additional sanctions.
  3. Coaching staff members serving a suspension may not attend a League game in any capacity including spectator.


  1. First offense: suspension for the number of games and the appropriate fine as noted on the annual schedule of fines.
  2. Second offense: suspension for the number of games and the appropriate fine as noted on the annual schedule of fines. Coaching staff member must request reinstatement by the Board after suspension is served.
  3. Coaching staff pass will not be returned until fine is paid and the suspension has been served.
  4. Any game suspensions must be served at the next League games unless otherwise dictated by the Board.
  5. Any suspension that is not completed by the end of the season will carry over to the next season.

Special Conditions Regarding Misconduct

1.Verification of violent conduct, even if unreported by the referee, will result in immediate suspension of the coach for at least the remainder of the season after review of the Board.

2.At any time, the Board can review the conduct of any coach, player, teamspectator, or club to determine whether any disciplinary action is necessary. If any disciplinary action should be taken those involved will be notified in writing of a hearing and given the opportunity to attend the hearing and bring witnesses on their behalf.

3.Any coach, who in the opinion of the Board rosters or plays an illegal player(s), will be suspended for a minimum of one year from the date of the infraction.

Spectator Misconduct and Violations

Spectator misconduct includes but is not limited to verbal abuse (of referee, opposing coach, player or another spectator), unauthorized entry to the field of play, fighting or threats. A team and club are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Minor Spectator Team Misconduct and Violations.

A minor infraction is when the referee indicates unacceptable spectator misconduct on the game report.

The division coordinator may warn a team for a first offense depending on the severity described on the game report, but otherwise the fine is noted on the annual schedule of fines.

The Board reserves the right to impose additional sanctions on a club for repeated spectator misconduct.

Spectator Ejection Incidents and Violation

Spectators ejected from the game must leave the field of play and are not permitted to watch the game. They must stay away the remainder of the match.

The referee must document the violation on the game report.

Fines appropriate for a spectator ejection incident are noted on the annual schedule of fines

Referee Fee

The game fee is $80 for the referee and $40 for each of the two assistant referees, totaling $160.

Prior to the beginning of the game, each team will give the referee one-half of the referees’ fees ($80).

The League will pay for the referee and the two assistant referees for the Cup Semifinals and the Cup Final.


Referee Notification

It is the home team’s responsibility to communicate any field or time change with the referee assignor no less than seventy-two (72) hours before the game.

Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the game.

Protests of a Referee Fee Payment

Protests concerning payment of a referee’s fee are to be submitted to the Hearings Committee for resolution.

 Abandoned Games

A game is considered to be abandoned when halted by the referee after kickoff due the condition of the playing field or its surroundings, or due to weather conditions.

Any red cards awarded in a game which is subsequently abandoned will stand.

If the referee abandons the game before the start of the second half, the game must be rescheduled and replayed as if it had never started.

If the referee abandons the game after the second half has commenced, the remaining portion of the game must be rescheduled and played to completion at a later date.

The rescheduled portion of the game commences with the score as it was at the point of abandonment.

Only players who were eligible to play in the abandoned game may play in the rescheduled portion.


Rescheduling of a game presents particular problems and should only be done with good reason. A lack of players on game day is not an acceptable reason to reschedule a game.

All rescheduled games must be rescheduled within fourteen (14) days of the originally scheduled match (this includes notification to the respective Division Director of the rescheduled date, time and location of the match which will result in assignment of officials) and must be played before the end of the half-season in which the original game was scheduled. If a match is not rescheduled within the fourteen-day period described above, the NESL will assign a date on which the home team must provide a field for the game to be played.

If within another seven (7) days the home team cannot confirm a field and time, the NESL will unilaterally and in its sole discretion establish a time and location for the match on the first SUNDAY following the end of the respective half season the match is in.

The NESL will secure a field for the match and the home team shall be responsible for the field rental (any costs above the home teams own cost of rental shall be split equally betweenthe two teams). Should either team fail to appear for the match, a forfeit will be awarded, and appropriate penalties applied (as described herein).

Prior Knowledge of Need to Reschedule

If a team is aware in advance that it will be unable to play a regularly scheduled game, the game may be rescheduled with three (3) weeks prior notice to the opposing team manager, Division Director, and Referee Assignor. If the reschedule is requested by the visiting team, the home team has the right to ask the visiting team to provide (and pay for) a field for the rescheduled game.

Any rescheduling of the match must be completed according to section


Any referee or assistant referee who fails to arrive within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off is not entitled to a fee.

In the absence of the referee, one of the assistant referees may assume the responsibilities of referee and be entitled to the referee fee.

 If no referees are present fifteen minutes after the scheduled kick-off, at the discretion of both of the opposing managers areferee or referees may be appointed, and the match played. Alternatively, the managers may mutually elect to re-schedule the match.


If within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, but before the game commences,the referee determines that a team is unable to play due to an insufficient number of eligible players, unsuitable uniforms, inadequate player equipment, or unsuitable field preparation, the team will forfeit the match.

The referee and assistant referees are entitled to their game fees, to be paid in full by the forfeiting team. If neither team is able to satisfy these conditions for play, then each team will pay its half of the referee fees and each receive a forfeit.

No match shall commence more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled kick-off time unless mutually agreed to by both managers and the officials.

Forfeiture Penalties

A team forfeit in a NESL game shall result in an automatic two-point deduction. Additionally, a team forfeit in a NESL game or a Cup game shall result in a fine of according to the following pay structure:

  • First Game: $100
  • Second Game: $150
  • Third Game: $200 + automatic one-year probation if the team continues in the NESL.
  • Subsequent Matches: $200

Any team assessed three (3) forfeits, including Cup games, during one full season, shall be subject to suspension or dismissal from the League.

Payment of any penalties assessed under this by-law must be paid under the two-week deadline outlined


If the start of the game is delayed (but in no event longer than fifteen (15) minutes) the home team may ask the referee to shorten the half time break as necessary to complete the game on schedule. However, the minimum halftime break shall not be less than five (5) minutes


(( playercannot consume alcoholic beverages before, during the game )) Player will be suspended for two games.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages before, during, or after a game is banned unless specific permission is given by the home team’s manager (only)

Code of Conduct

No participant shall:

Physically attack any participant, official or spectator. This includes but is not limited to threatening to oractually striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise touching or subjecting another person with physical contact in a threatening or alarming manner.

Use obscene language or gestures, harassing, insulting, taunting or challenging language, racial, ethnic or sexual slurs, or unsportsmanlike demonstrations whether towards another player or as an act of dissent concerning an official’s decision.

Use unnecessary roughness or attempt to injure an opposing player during or after play.

Throw or cause to be deposited any unnecessary object onto the field of play.

 Violate any applicable open container ordinance, or other state or local alcohol or drug laws, while at a sports venue,or enter the field of play while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Player will be suspended for two games.

Display other unsportsmanlike conduct before or after games or events, or while at a sports venue during a scheduled activity, game, match or event


All League games including state Cupor New England cup or futsal games shall be played in accordance with the current FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) Laws of the Game, except as may be amended by the NESL By-Laws.


Substitution will be allowed only by the referee If play is stopped due to injury or if a player receives a yellow card, the injured or carded player may be substituted and the opposing team may elect to match this substitution.

For the purposes of this rule, no distinction is made between regular NESL games and Cup games.

Player Penalty

Any player receiving a red card is suspended for the next game.

Any player receiving a red card for Violent Conduct or Serious Foul Play as formally noted in the Referee’s Report is suspended for the next three (3) games and is subject to additional Executive Board disciplinary action which may include further suspension or dismissal from the NESL.

Any player receiving a red card who gives a false name or who refuses to leave the field will be dismissed from the NESL by both team managers. If a game is forfeited or re-scheduled both managers must still contact the Division Director by 8 p.m. on the day the game was originally scheduled to be played. Failure to submit a game report will result in a FIFTY dollar ($50) fine.


A team may request a hearing for any action resulting from NESL activity. To be considered an official hearing request, the hearing request must be sent in writing by email to the President by the second business day following the game’send or notification of punishment causing the hearing request. A $300 fee payable to the NESL must accompany all hearing requests.

 If the hearing request is upheld, this fee will be refunded. A hearing request is considered to be upheld if the Hearings Committee changes any part of the original ruling.

The Hearings Committee ruling will be delivered as soon as possible once all necessary information has been gathered and discussed.

Red Card Protests

For hearing requests involving a red card, if the Hearings Committee has not made a ruling by the start time of the first game in the player’s suspension period AND the request was received at least 48 hours before the start time of the game, the suspended player may play in that game and any subsequent games until the Hearings Committee makes its ruling.

 If the Hearings Committee subsequently upholds the suspension, the suspension period recommences with the game which immediately follows the ruling.

Hearing Committee Appeals

A team may make a one-time appeal of a Hearings Committee ruling. Such appeals are allowed only when a team believes the NESL By-Laws or the FIFA Lawsof the Game were misapplied, or if significant additional evidence relevant to the original hearing issue becomes available. Whenever possible, the appeal will be heard by three different members of the Executive Board (who did not participate in the original hearing), subject to maintaining three unaffected voting members. This committee will render and communicate a decision on the appeal with 3 days of meeting.

The Hearings Committee ruling appeal must be sent in writing to the President within one week of the initial ruling, accompanied by a $75 fee payable to the NESL. If the appeal is upheld, both this fee and the fee submitted with the original hearing request will be refunded. If still unsatisfied with the ruling a team may appeal any NESL ruling to the Massachusetts State Soccer Association.


Games are officiated by one referee and two assistant referees.


Referees are requested to be at the game twenty (20) minutes before kick-off time to complete field and equipment inspections prior to kick-off.

 If the field is not properly lined and equipped, the official may decide not to play the game. If he is willing to play the game his commentshould be noted on the Game Report and both managers must agree.

Fifteen (15) minutes before kick-off the referee should inspect players for uniforms and shin guards and match the identity of each player against the names listed on the Game Roster by checking a valid driving license, passport, or some equivalent government-issued picture ID.

Threat to a Referee

Any misconduct or violations towards a referee will not be tolerated. The following applies to a player, coach or spectator

action meant to threaten the safety, seriously intimidate or harm a referee. The following actions

are sanction able, but not exclusive:All reports of threat, intimidation or abuse toward a referee will be reviewed by the League

Competition Committee and taken very seriously. The league reserves the right to assess

additional sanctions toward a player(s) or a team to protect referees and the league.

Findings of actionable offense toward a referee will be reported to state authorities, which may

take further action.

Referees may also have legal options under Massachusetts General Laws to file legal complaints

against offending parties and will receive any necessary cooperation from the New England Soccer League Abuse (including foul language) or physical threats toward the referee will result in fines and suspension.

o Spitting

o Hard Contact

o Verbal threat or abuse

o Intimidation such as following a referee to their car

o Damage or threat of damage to referees property

o Injury

 (only N.E.S.L directors can vote  tomake the punishment )


Rosters will be set at a maximum of (20) active players. All players must be registered prior to participating in League play. (not be able to have less than 14 active players in the games  )

Players cannot be registered with more than one team at the same time. All players must be at least 15 years of age.

There is no minimum or maximum number of males required on each team. Team composition is entirely the right of each individual team to determine.


The official games time for all NEW ENGLAND SOCCER LEAGUE games will be managed on the field by the referee .If necessary the referee may also allot extra time.

The stadium clock will display the time from 0.00 to 45;00 and from 45;00 to 90;00 for statistical purposes the minutes for goals ,substitutions, yellow cards, and red card ,will be listed from the first minute until the 90 minute


 Each team can nominate 20 players for a games day roster –Teams are allowed five (5) substitutions per game ((that can be changed)) for 6 in the future


 A player will be suspensions for one game upon receiving he third yellow card, regardless of the nature of the infraction which resulted in heis being awarded the yellow card. red card player will be suspended for one game or more.  It depends of the infraction.


 Given the likelihood of lightning during the league season,and the potential for personal injury and structural damages lightning can cause, each home team will have a detailed weather delay plan includes the following:



The match referee reserves the right to implement hydration breaks during matches to hydrate during extremely hot or humid weather conditions – hydration breaks upon 82 degrees should be implemented by the match referee each break will last up to three minutes in length.

The referee will be able to impose a discretionary hydration break if they believe there is a risk to player safety even if the WBGT reading does not reach 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


All teams in the NEW ENGRAND SOCCER LEAGUE agree to abide by these by-laws

Signatureonly of the team President



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