New England Soccer League  – School Academy

President: Waldecy M Dasilva

Director de market

Phone: (617) 294-0229

Fax: (617) 294-0241


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P.O. box: 490803  Everett  MA 02149 USA

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The image rights of all athletes will belong to. N.E.S.L

New England Soccer League soccer school aims to train stars and make them great professional players, all athletes from the N.E.S.L school will not be able to participate in another soccer school.

  • The responsible person will have to sign a contract with the league (releasing the athlete’s pass to N.E.S.L

  • Every end of the month the athlete will have to present his school grades to the direction of the league, on the contrary the athlete will not be able to participate in the training;

  • Training sessions will be held on Saturday afternoon from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm;

  • Training will be divided into three categories:

    Red Category from 6 to 9 years old;

    Yellow category from 10 to 13 years;

    Green Category from 14 to 17 years old;  

  • Discipline will be mandatory during training, the athlete must submit to the coach’s guidelines;

  • If the athlete breaches the training rules or gets involved in fights or indiscipline, he will be warned verbally and may suffer punishments to be determined by the coach and the school;

  • The presence of a guardian over 18 years of age is mandatory during the athlete’s training;  

  • The participation of parents or guardians during training is prohibited, if the same athlete has any questions or suggestions, talk at the end with the coach;

  • The athlete must eat at least 1 hour before training, during training, water and Gatorade will be offered to players by the school;

  • On rainy days it is necessary to postpone the training, it will be restored in common agreement with the whole team for a better day for everyone. The same will happen in the event that someday something of force majeure happens that it is necessary to cancel the training.

  • The athlete who misses the training due to illness must present a medical certificate;

  • The athlete will be allowed to have a fault every two months;

  • If the athlete has a high number of fouls this will cause him to lose point for changing the category;

  • Registration fee will be $ 125.00 (this amount already includes the athlete’s identification card and training vest);

  • Monthly fee will be $ 150.00;

  • In the house that has two or more brothers registered, the registration fee will be $ 100.00 and the monthly fee  $ 120.00;

  • The monthly payment will be every 1st of each month, if there is a delay in payment, the athlete will not be able to train. If there is any difficulty in payment, contact the school board.

  • The school will provide Accident insurance, but it will be mandatory for the athlete to have Health Insurance.

  • The school will have the full right of the athlete’s image, thus being able to publicize it on the social networks it deems relevant and necessary marketing;

  • The athlete who stands out may have benefits depending on his performance, which will be determined by the school according to its availability;

  • Documents required for registration: Athlete’s document with photo, updated school record, proof of address, responsible for the athlete must be present.

  • Documents required for registration: Athlete’s document with photo, updated school record, proof of address, responsible for the athlete must be present.

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