Who We Are

The New Englad Soccer League School  Academy aims to reveal future professionals for national and international soccer, seeking to respect the aptitude and development of each student in due time. Having a gradual planning obeying and respecting the age group and the skills of each student. We have a fully experienced and trained technical team, which will provide efficient and creative training so that the student can interact and have fun at the same time, seeking to improve and perfect their motor and physical capacity, thinking about their well-being in their physical conditioning. and professional development.

Our classes will focus on targeted training with the purpose of making the student learn soccer techniques such as dribbling, physical preparation, ball control, movement on the field, thus preparing the student to have aptitude and good performance and progress in the field.



The New England Soccer League (“NESL”) organizes, facilitates, administers, and governs an amateur (semi-pro) adult soccer organization. And soccer school academy

Soccer school aims to train stars and make them great professional players, all athletes from the N.E.S.L school will not be able to participate in another soccer school.
1- The responsible person will have to sign a contract with the league (releasing the athlete pass to N.E.S.L).
2- Every end of the month the athlete will have to present his school grades to the direction of the league, on the contrary the athlete will not be able to participate in the training.

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